Flowers to the table!

The staff of Kalocsa TV have visitied our manufactory to admire our latest collection. With this new set we wish to target the younger generation and to bring the kalocsa pattern to the everyday life. 

You can see the video report on the following link:

The Kalocsa pattern became a Hungaricum!

Four new elements were added to our national values belonging to the Collection of Hungaricums on 30th January by the Hungaricum Comittee. In addition to Halas laces and Kürt Datasaving the paprika from Kalocsa and the folk art of Kalocsa including writing, embroidery, daubing and painting won the worthy title.

We are happy that the Kalocsa pattern was included in the honoring collection of Hungaricums as since the founding of our Manufactury we have seen the preservation, development and popularization of the wonderful motives of the Kalocsa folk art as one of our primary tasks. Most of our hand painted products are made with this decoration. We hope that the Hungaricum title contributes to that more people would like to get to know the beaties of the Hungarian folk art and wear and use the wonderful object decorated with the Kalocsa pattern.

Kalocsa Motifs at the European Figure Skating Championships

European Figure Skating Championships 2014 were held this January at Syma Stadium, Budapest. This year's special theme was the Kalocsa pattern. Our Manufacture was complimenting to the event with an exhibition stand.
All participants received Kalocsa pattern souvenirs medallists were granted Kalocsa pattern vases, decorated with the Championships' symbol. Hostesses were also dressed in traditional Kalocsa pattern costumes for the prizing ceremony. And a Kalocsa-based folk dance collective entertained the audience at the Gala.

We have even created a special skate-shaped magnet to the Championships' honour, which can still be ordered from our Manufacture.

We are hoping that all participants and competitors have grown fond of our souvenirs and the patterns, as well.

Thank You...

...for your interest in our hand painted, richly decorated dinnerware and giftware products. We offer a wide range of porcelain products that will help to turn your everyday dining into a special occasion.

Kalocsa Porcelain Manufacture was founded in 1971. Ever since we have made all efforts to preserve the several hundred-year-old traditions and colourful folklore of the Kalocsa-region that is so beautifully expressed through the art of porcelain painting.

More than 200 different products are readily available or can be ordered directly from our porcelain factory. Your choice of products can be decorated with unique inscriptions and patterns upon request. Surprise your family, friends or clients with unique, hand painted porcelain gifts. We would be pleased to welcome you to our porcelain showroom in Kalocsa where you can enjoy great discounts. We are convinced that you will not leave empty-handed!

Open also on saturdays

We are pleased to inform you that  we have expanded our opening hours. Kalocsa Porcelain Manufacture will be open every Saturday between 9 am and 1 pm.

Groups are welcome, as always!

Unique Graduation Gifts

It is never easy to think of a good graduation present. Especially so, when you want to come up with something meaningful for your children's teachers.

Our Manufacture provides beautiful vases, canteen bottles, wall decor plates and many other souvenirs for this special occasion. These gifts should be ordered in advance if you wish to have peronalized inscriptions painted on them. The usual requests for decoration are quotations, names of the class members or school symbols. Please choose your present from our catalogue of traditional Kalocsa porcelains or from the burgundy and blue-golden collection.

Porcelain Painting Corner

Are you creative? Really? If you are bored of watching TV, visit us and paint a mug for yourself!

Let our experienced painters help you and your children make a perfect piece of art. When your masterpiece is ready, the porcelain can be burnt in our kiln and of course, taken home.

Have fun and bring your children with you!

Please contact us in advance if more than four persons would like to come.

Children’s Collection

Dear parents, grandparents, friends, and family,

We offer a lovely three piece porcelain set specificly made for children. It is a perfect gift for birthdays, namedays, or kindergarten celebrations.

The items are decorated with the child’s name or your wishes hand-painted on them, according to your preferences.


Delight your children with this original, unique, and personal gift. These gifts fit everyday use and in the event of breaking, any piece is replaceable. Our collection is constantly being expanded and updated with new themes.

Porcelain Sports Medals

Dear Partners, Sport Supporters and Sportspeople,

Louis Hamilton Forma-1 világbajnok a Kalocsai Porcelán Manufaktúra kupájávalWhen organizing a sports event, you want to grant new prizes year by year to the excellent sportspeople, to your colleagues, all the participants and VIP guests of these occasions.

Have you thought about how wonderful the champion would look holding a pure white, sparkling and shiny porcelain prize? We think this is a great way to spice things up a little bit, instead of going conventional.

Please, send us your sports club's logo, along with any idea or concept that you want to see on the prize, so that we can design these unique products perfectly tailored for your needs.

Exclusive Burgundy and Blue-Golden Sets

We proudly introduce our exclusive sets of porcelain with burgundy and blue-golden ornaments.


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